Vibrant Nordic was commissioned by MacWell Creative to produce realistic CG images and animations for Nokia mobile devices launch materials. Production system is optimized with special inhouse tools to efficiently create studio quality shots fully digitally as still images or animations. All productions have standardised communication and delivery methods to keep everything in order.

More about selected devices in MacWellCreative website:


Wallius Hitsauskoneet decided to make a change from traditional product photography to CGI approach of their new product images. This allows image production from CAD files of new products before manufacturing starts and ensures all images to be matching quality with fast turnaround time when marketing images are needed.

Check out Wallius website for their products

Other work

We’ve produced a wide range of image collections and animations for product films, commercials, as well as CG models Virtual Reality and web 3D solutions. Service is provided globally for any use cases that will benefit from the CG approach.


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