CGI production and consulting services


Founded in 2020
By Producer and Visual Effects Supervisor Saku Partamies
Based in Helsinki, Finland

The company is based on a concept to offer pleasant customer experience and complete service from order to delivery in a complex field of expertise. To achieve the goal, focus is on good communication methods, modern online tools and trusted partners to allow suitable offerings for different production requirements.


Vibrant Nordic offers a variety of CGI services which are productized as easily understandable packages to cater different customer needs the best possible way. Each service has a unique production process, price list and delivery specifications to best cater different requirements. The main service is Neat Studio.

Neat studio

Professional product shots made easy

Neat Studio is a professional image production service that focuses on creating marketing images efficiently. The service combines 3D CAD model preparation and realistic image rendering technology in one simple package. Check the service website for more information.

Location Independent Services

All services are designed to be location independent using the best possible production processes and remote order experience. Communication is assisted with modern web tools to ensure smooth customer experience.

Vibrant Nordic guarantees fast response times for all requests and inquiries. Our highly professional digital image and animation services provides supreme results.

Key aspect in all processes is to avoid requiring clients to have extensive technical knowledge, but instead focusing on understanding customer needs and fully fulfilling expectations of the outcome.

It is not needed to have any onsite meetings at the production location, as communication is fully covered with digital tools and specifically developed applications to allow productions to be served to any global location.